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Hiring us To Renovate Your Kitchen Means:

We Partner With Our Renovation Clients

We're partners

We’ll work with you by listening to your needs, ideas & offer our insights & experience to get you the best results.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Budgets matter

We appreciate your commitment – along your resources – and there won’t be any bloated surprises.

Contractors With Liability Insurance & Workers Compensation Coverage

Total transparency

You’ll always know where we are along the timeline & we’re always here to answer all of your questions.

Best Kitchen Renovation Companies in Newcastle, Clarington, Durham Region

Next-level design

You’ll be left with an amazing & beautifully- crafted basement renovation that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

We offer you a lot more than just a beautifully renovated kitchen.

A lot more, actually.

In addition to delivering stunning and next-level kitchen renos, we also have a deft touch at selecting matching décor and all of the finishing touches to go along with it.

Choosing such things as lighting, tiles, flooring, backsplashes, taps, colours and more can be quite an overwhelming process and we’ll be more than happy to help you benefit from our experience with choices that will match your personal taste and help to enhance your space to its fullest.

At the very least, we’ll provide you with more options than you might have had otherwise.

Selecting the best general contracting company to finish your kitchen project can actually be a pleasant experience...

IF you know what to look for.

With no shortage of local companies calling themselves “General Contractors”, how do you really know that any of them will be a good fit for you and your home improvement finishing project?

You’re going to be spending a lot of money, not to mention welcoming these people into your home, and you just want things to go right. It sounds simple enough, but we all know it rarely is.

We always want our clients to be confident in the choice they’ve made, so here are some tips on how to select the best general contracting company for your kitchen project.

Kitchen Renovation Contractors Durham Region Clarington Ontario
Kitchen Remodeling Contractors & Companies in Northumberland, Ontario
Kitchen Remodeling Renovation Companies in Clarington, Ontario

TL;DR Condensed Version:

Vince Gratton, Owner of MAX Improvements General Contractors in Newcastle, Ontario

Vince Gratton

Owner, MAX Improvements

Customer Testimonials

Kind Words from one of our Kitchen reno clients:

We could not be happier with the renovation of our kitchen!

Vince and Nathan, you transformed our kitchen from a small, dark, impractical space, to large, bright and functional, with all the bells and whistles. I still can’t believe this is our home when I walk in.

You went the extra mile to make sure we were 100% happy and satisfied.

We highly recommend Max Improvements and can’t wait to work with you again!

Thank you!! Vince and Nathan for all your hard work!

Kitchen Renovation Client Testimonial
Margaret Rudzinski-Boland
Kitchen Renovation Client

Completed Kitchen Project Example Photos

With more than 50 completed kitchens to our name, we’ve been involved in just about all types of kitchen renovation projects that include larger-scale, complete remodels, to more economical spaces like galley kitchens and everything in between.

Whichever sort of space you have, we know we can help you to achieve the best results possible.

Below are just a few examples of what we are capable of creating.

Seen enough?

Transparency. Flexibility. Dependability.

REliable Outcomes are best achieved with an organized approach to each kitchen finishing project:

Home Improvement: Project Initiation

Project Initiation

We’ll schedule a visit and ask about your vision & ideal outcome for the project.

Home Improvement: Existing Conditions Analysis

Conditions Analysis

Then we’ll take a look at the space and see which options will be available.

Home Improvement: Initial Design

Initial Design

We’ll create what we think will be your best set of design options.

Home Improvement: Finalizing Design

Finalizing Design

We’ll consult with you and then come up with the final design that we’ll be using.

Home Improvement: Construction & Demolition

Construction & Demolition

We’ll get to work and keep you up to speed with what’s going on and all timelines.

Home Improvement: Project Finalization

Project Finalization

With the project complete, we’ll ask for your feedback and final approval.

What's the difference between Remodeling A Kitchen or a kitchen renovation?

To a lot people, the terms “renovate” and “remodel” mean the same thing and we find that people use both terms equally when searching for a kitchen contractor.

But, or at least within the the general contracting community, there is definitely a big difference.

A renovation is essentially when you work with existing elements, and you can think of it more like a rejuvenation project

A remodeling project, on the other hand, involves making changes to the physical structure itself.

An example for a kitchen renovation might include installing newer cupboards, countertops, sinks, taps and flooring.

A kitchen remodel would include those things, too, but we would also be adding or removing a wall, adding a window, running new plumbing for an island, moving a door, etc.

If you like your existing kitchen space, you’re probably looking at a renovation.

If you’d like to physically change the layout, you’ll be looking at a remodeling project plus whatever other features you’d like to see included.

The total costs involved for either will depend on such things as the scope of the project, the skill needed to perform the tasks, the types of materials needed, tools, design and the amount of time required to complete the work.

All things being equal, kitchen renovations are generally cheaper than remodels, although it always depends on the total scope of the project.

If you’re unsure as to which will be better suited for your particular kitchen project, reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to come by to discuss your options. 

Professional Kitchen Finishing Services

The benefits to upgrading your home kitchen include:

Want to talk about it?

Customer Testimonials

More Kind Words from our Kitchen reno clients:

We were nervous about the costs and mess and finding someone we could trust, but then we met with Vince and all of our worries went away. We love our new kitchen! Thanks, Vince!!!

Renovation Client Testimonial 03

We were running out of space when our second child came along and we completely converted the basement into a total living area with an awesome space for the kids to play.

Renovation Client Testimonial 03

We assumed that our galley kitchen was limited in terms of options but Vince worked his magic and came up with a superb design! We love our new kitchen. Great job!

Renovation Client Testimonial 03

Kitchen Reno & Remodeling FAQs

People always have a thousand questions about their kitchen renos pertaining to costs, materials, project timeframes and just about anything else that’s involved in such a project.

We obviously can’t answer them all here, but we try to anticipate the most common ones and provide you with at least a ballpark answer whenever possible.

If you have a specific question and don’t see it below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask.

Our #1 asked question and one that we really can’t answer without knowing your project details, unfortunately.

That being said, what we can confidently tell you is that it might not be as expensive as you think and that you should consider getting in touch with us to talk about it.

Once we have a better idea of what you’re thinking about, we’ll be able to offer you a ballpark amount and then go from there.

Our second most-asked question and one that we can never really give an answer to unless we know the specifics of your project.

What we can tell you is that we value quality over speed and that, as a ballpark statement, you should probably count on your basement renovation taking at least 30 days.

That’s a tricky question to answer.

Without knowing anything about your existing space, what you would like to have done and what your budget actually is, we’re unable to comment, unfortunately.

The best way for us to give you a ballpark estimate is for you to contact us so we can arrange a time to speak about your project in detail.

We can always accommodate mid-project modifications to the scope of work, but it would of course change things likes timeframes, completion dates and costs (which would also be adjusted).

Our experience enables us to anticipate many future changes and/or additions that homeowners might ask for, however we always want you to be happy with the end result and we’re more than willing to work with you to achieve that goal.

Quite a few.

It’s difficult to keep track of them all but we can confidently say it’s been more than 50.

We generally do the majority of work ourselves, however if a specialist is needed we will take care of that on your behalf.

We have developed great working relationships with some of the best tradespeople in the business and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

For permits, if needed, we’ll definitely take care of those on your behalf as well.

We’re located in Newcastle, Ontario, and routinely work with homeowners throughout Durham Region, Clarington and Northumberland.

Typically, our construction will begin within four weeks of the contract signing date.

We use that time to complete any ongoing projects and obtain the necessary materials to complete your kitchen project.

Together, we collaborate with homeowners to create a kitchen design.

After deciding on your kitchen’s intended purpose, an initial sketch with measurements is used to create a kitchen floor plan.

When the plan is completed, it is sent back to the homeowner for review.

Often, several back-and-forth revisions are made between the homeowners and the ourselves making refinements to the kitchen plan until everything is just the way you envisioned.

Once we are all in agreement, we move forward with the drawings and we will be ready to proceed with the kitchen remodel.

This is a common concern with homeowners and the good news is that we’ve got you covered.

We do our best to contain the dust to the kitchen by installing a plastic partition to separate the kitchen entrance from the main floor of the home.

We use “Ramboard” on the floors and we do our best to keep the jobsite clean as we go along: At the end of each workday we vacuum and clean any mess that was created in the finished areas of the house.

By the time we’re finished, the only thing we’ll leave behind is ana amazing basement renovation that you and your family will love for many years.

We’ve been in business since 2006 and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with references and past clients to speak with.
Yes, we carry the required liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation coverage.

This is such a great question.

A finished renovated kitchen will definitely add resale value to the home and potential home buyers are generally more excited about a custom finished kitchen as it has more of a level of personality to it than the rest of the home.

Whether the kitchen is large with an island or a simpler, smaller galley type area, an updated & modernized kitchen does add value of your home.

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Max improvements specializes in quality home general contractor services you can trust that include professional finishing, renovations and remodeling for bathrooms, basements, kitchens and more. We also offer custom fireplace installations, custom bar design and custom laundry room remodels. In business since 2006, we are a local and family-run home renovation and remodeling company and have worked with hundreds of homeowners throughout Durham Region, Clarington and Northumberland County. We never overbook clients, pay attention to the smallest details and work with our clients to ensure they get what they want, on-time and within their budgets.

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