Below are referral letters and testimonials we have received from some of our clients. Please feel free to contact any one of them for a reference.

What Our Clients Say About Us

My husband and I had Vince do the fourth renovation in our home in the last 4 years. We had 3 bathrooms renovated and were so pleased with the work and the cost we hired Vince to transform our kitchen. Our kitchen was so small for the size of our house and we’d put up with it for long enough, now we wish we had of done it years ago. What Vince did changed our whole first floor! It was an exciting project and one I couldn’t totally imagine the finished result. It’s unbelievable! Vince and Nate were so awesome! Always on time, great ideas, so efficient!

The project took exactly what he predicted and was less than we’d budgeted for, so worth it! I would recommend Max Improvements to anyone looking to renovate and I have to several with great results!

We found your website helpful as it showed us the type of work you do and made us feel confident before we met you, that you were the right person for the job. Your price was fair and there were no surprises which we appreciated as we had a budget. We would not hesitate to contact you again! Take care and thank you.

Heather & Ian Whittaker

Newcastle, Ontario

Kevin and I wanted to tak a few minutes to thank you and your co-worker for the amazing job you did on our bathroom Reno. Right from the start you were professional, organized and detailed. Each day, you guys arrived when you said you would, worked through the day and did a great cleanup before you left. We felt like you respected our home. The bathroom was basically a rip down and involved lots of changes to plumbing, walls, lighting and the addition of a custom Niche, but you guys had no problem bring our NEW bathroom into 2017.

We found your website helpful as it showed us the type of work you do and made us feel confident before we met you, that you were the right person for the job. Your price was fair and there were no surprises which we appreciated as we had a budget. We would not hesitate to contact you again! Take care and thank you.

Kevin and Sandra Ross

Courtice Ontario

This team does an amazing job and I’m so happy we used them after I see other contractors work. Vince you are very professional and actually listen to what we wish for and follow our dreams through. I would like to mention as well that not a day was missed on the job and showed up at 8am and left at 5pm until our job was completed.

Thank you again for the amazing job that you have done we will never use anyone else. Your finishing touches is what means a lot to me and you didn’t let us down. Until next time. Thank-you

Mr. and Mrs. Henry

Whitby, Ontario

To Future Max Improvements Clients

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Vince on our basement renovation. For over four years we have had a basement that we could not use, as we had gutted and were going to complete ourselves. We finally decided to look into hiring a contractor to come and complete our basement. We met with several contractors and decided to go with Max Improvements because of Vince’s ideas, professionalism, and when we met him, we felt we could trust him. I can’t begin to thank them for all the hard work that went into our renovation. They gave us everything that we had asked for and more. They worked with us and suggested ideas when we were unsure. They finished on time and were very considerate of our home.

When I came home on the final day of the reno, I cried because it was more than we had hoped for. The transformation is incredible. I don’t call it a basement anymore, it is a beautiful addition to our home. If you have any renovations that need to be completed, don’t wait four years like we did, contact Vince, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you again Vince, we absolutely love everything that you did for us. We will definitely call you for all our future projects and will tell everyone we know to contact Max Improvements.

Rick and Caryn Craggs

Oshawa, Ontario

To Whom It May Concern

We hired Max Improvements to renovate our basement in November 2012. We were a bit anxious about the whole thing considering that we didn’t know anything about this company prior to starting the project. Fortunately, however, we were extremely satisfied throughout the entire process.

It was easy to collaborate with Vincent when it came to ideas for the floor plan and finishings. He offered us many great ideas and options and respected our opinions at all times.

They started and completed the project on time and there were no hidden costs or surprises along the way. They kept the workspace as neat and tidy as possible which was very much appreciated.

They were consistently professional, personable and accountable. It was more than apparent that they take great pride in their work and customer satisfaction.

We highly recommend their services and would not hesitate to hire them again.

Mark & Julie Wade

I am writing this recommendation letter on behalf of my wife and I with regards to Max Improvements. We had the pleasure of working with Vince, which has been nothing but a positive experience for us. We have had quotes and met with other contractors however Vince’s professionalism, ideas, fair pricing and previous jobs completed with other customers made us choose his services.

Throughout the renovation process Vince would always communicate with us and suggest ideas to meet our needs. He started and finished in a very timely manner based on the schedule we agreed on. My wife and are very detailed oriented and made a few changes during this renovation process. Communicating well allowed us to make some changes which overall reflected very little in cost. Vince would always find the best way to do things without cutting corners. As an example we had issues with a lot of Bulk Heads and instead of just boxing everything Vince spent over 2hrs re-designing the lines and bulks in the basement to ensure the appearance was streamlined and blended.

Vince treated and respect our house as if it was theirs. Our privacy was respected and Vince always ensured it would stay that way. The house and their workspace are always clean and tidy as they try to minimize dust travelling throughout the house.

Attention to detail, respect, skill set, professionalism and fair cost are how we can summarize our experience with Max Improvements. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Dwain and Marilen Samuels

Dear Potential Max Improvements Customers

Max Improvements recently completed the job of finishing our kitchen and we wanted to take the opportunity to provide a referral letter for their services. Max Improvements was referred to us by a colleague.

Our kitchen still had cupboards from the 1950’s and the worst wallpaper you have ever seen. We would have won an award for the ugliest kitchen in Canada! Since our space is very small and our dreams were big, we didn’t know what to expect. My mother and I spoke at length to Vincent and we were very happy with some of the suggestions he made.

During our renovations Vince discovered that our wiring and electrical system was not up to code and his team replaced everything. He is very concerned about safety and always builds to code. We were very impressed by his level of professionalism and expertise.

When our kitchen was completed we cried! It was more than either of us expected and it is a joy to come home to cook and live in that space. Everyone who has seen our kitchen cannot believe the transformation. Not only were we happy with the exceptional work that they did, but they were also a pleasure to work with, always showing up on time with smiles and lots of laughs.

We will definitely call Vince for our next home improvement project and recommend their work to all.

Edna & Heather Goodford

Whitby, Ontario

To Potential Max Improvement Clients,

Vincent recently completed some very extensive renovation work at our home in downtown Toronto and I am more than pleased to recommend his services to any one who is considering a renovation project of their own. We are both in the design industry and have very high expectations for aesthetics and quality of work. Not only was the work Vincent completed of outstanding quality and craftsmanship, he was also very willing and able to offer effective and creative solutions to the inevitable unanticipated situations that arise when renovating an older home like ours.

Vincent worked with us at all steps throughout the process, from the overall planning of the project to the smallest details, to ensure we were more than satisfied with everything he was doing. The professionalism with which he approaches the job put us at ease right from the beginning and we feel confident in the final product. It was clear to us early on that he took pride in his work and he cared as much as we did about the outcome.

As well, Vincent stood by the price he quoted us at the beginning and explained to us in detail where the numbers came from so that we felt comfortable with the final cost. All in all, working with Vincent and Max Improvements was a pleasant experience and we are thrilled to recommend their services.

Jamie Twine and Melanie Kramer


Dear Max Improvements

We would like to thank you for the wonderful job that you did on our bathroom. The job was extremely well done, and in a timely manner. You were both very accommodating and agreeable, especially given the fact that each day you arrived I had a list of more items to be repaired or upgraded. You also cleaned up after the job each day, and I never had to come home to a mess.

Not only did you build me a new bathroom, you also changed every single light fixture and door handle in my house. If I couldn’t find what I needed at the store, you also went shopping for the items. My children kept telling me how nice the both of you were. It is such a pleasant surprise to find contractors who take pride in their work and who are also honest.

We will certainly be giving you a call in the future to complete more work, and we will highly recommend you to our friends.

Sherry and Breen Bernard

Whitby, Ontario

To Whom It May Concern

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Max Improvements.

Max Improvmentss completely finished our basement and office area in our home. I cannot express enough how entirely satisfied we are with the workmanship and quality that was performed by these contractors.

They began and ended their day at the same time and the work was completed on schedule. The finished area is now one of our favorite areas in our home.

It is impossible to know what kind of contractor you have hired today until they begin the work. This is why we are honored and pleased to offer this letter recommending Max Improvements to you and most importantly if we require the services of a home improvement contractor in the future they will certainly be the company that we will call.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for a more personal reference.

Randy and Alison Cowan

Cowan Consulting

Dear Max Improvements

As I told you on the phone, Margaret and I would not have a problem if you require a reference for any of your future clients. Also, if these future clients are in the area, we would be more than happy to show them our bathroom projects at any time in our home.

We have had to opportunity to show the new bathrooms to a number of family and friends, and they all have been very impressed with your original design and professional workmanship.

In the future, if we have a chance to pass on your name to anyone that is considering any home projects, we will do this without hesitation on our part.

Gerald L. Brown

Oakwood, Ontario

Dear Potential Max Improvements Customers,

When you hire Max Improvements you will not be getting just a high quality contractor, you will be getting a partner for your project. They will work with you on every detail of your renovation project.

These professionals are of incredible courtesy and patience and another amazing fact is that Max Improvements is a very affordable option in regards to the financial commitment you will put into your project. My wife and I were very pleased with the work performed by these professionals.

Ramon Perdigao

Whitby, Ontario

Dear Potential Max Improvements Customers,

Vincent recently completed the job of finishing our basement and we wanted to take the opportunity to provide a referral letter for their services. We spoke to a few contractors but selected Max Improvements as they were referred to us by a neighbor. Our expectations of quality home improvements and the integrity of the people doing the renovations was very high (especially since Craig works for Home Depot Canada). In addition, we had specific requests in regards to technology (i.e. speaker wire installations) and the supplies to be used. We are happy to say that Vincent met all our high standards and needs and we are very pleased with his work and our finished basement.

When looking at our basement you can see that it was completed by talented professionals with great attention to detail. Not only were we happy with the exceptional work that Vincent did, but he was also a pleasure to work with. Vincent suggested ideas to improve the look of the rooms, spend time going over details to ensure we were all in agreement before he did any construction and he has a very pleasant and easy going personality. In addition, there were no surprises or hidden costs at the end of the project.

In short, we feel that we made a great selection with picking Max Improvements for our home improvement and feel very confident referring them to others. We will definitely call Vincent for our next home improvement project.

Jennifer and Craig Gauvin

Whitby, Ontario

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